01/20/18 • UPDATE

STATEMENT | Republicans shut down the government

(FARGO, N.D.) – Republicans—who control the House of Representatives, Senate, and White House—shut down the federal government late last night, January 19. Congressional candidate Ben Hanson released the following statement:

“For the first time in modern history, the government has been shut down when one party controls every lever of power in Washington. While not surprising after watching the dysfunction over the past year, it remains disappointing. This may not negatively impact members of Congress, but every other American—including the public employees that serve to keep our government running—will feel the pain.

"After letting the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expire 112 days ago, it really is disingenuous and cynical for congressional Republicans to now claim that they're taking a stand to protect low-income children. I've been calling on Kevin Cramer for months to do his job and fight for CHIP. If he really wanted to renew this critical program and protect nearly 5,000 children in North Dakota, he could have called on his party's leadership to bring up a standalone bill. He didn't and he's yet to take responsibility for his silence.

“We’ve come to expect from Cramer that he'll ignore important issues while playing the part of political pundit. North Dakota doesn’t need a congressman who provides commentary from the sidelines – we deserve a congressman who will show up every day and do the work to fight for the issues that have a real impact on our communities.

“Cramer is a part of the problem. He's played a role in shutting down the government twice in the past 5 years. If this were any in other profession, Cramer and his Republican colleagues would be fired for failing to show up and do their job. Fortunately, voters will have the opportunity to do just that in November.”

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